Freezer Wear (Ropa Termica)

Freezer wear is specialized clothing for workers in industrial temperature controlled work environments. This extreme cold clothing can also be used by other users in non controlled environments or outdoor work such as snow plowing or frigid weather. There are a few big names in this type of work wear. All which have a standard comfort rating depending on the work environment. The main two are : Cooler Work Wear and Freezer Work Wear.

Cooler Wear is a specialized type of clothing best suited for supermarkets or facilities that maintain a maximum of -35 degrees coolers. The clothing is made with 7 oz insulation and the outer fabric is made of either ripstop material or a nylon danier. Both are water repellent but the later is more resistant to tears.

Freezer Wear is a more rugged selection made for extreme cold like blast freezers of places that can get up to -50 degrees. We have seen the outer nylon shell go from 800 to 420 danier. These two are water and air tight and they come in different styles like coat and bib pants.


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