Arc Flash 2018 Safety Standards


In 2015, the NFPA released “2015 Edition of NFPA 70E®, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.”  Since then, updates have occurred and this year the 2018 changes were released.  Revisions from previous editions include adding Definitions for fault current and available fault current, new elements required for the Electrical Safety Program, requirements for performing Job Safety Plans, removal of table allowing use of natural fiber PPE for < 1.2 cal./cm2, added Risk Mitigation Hierarchy, new elements for establishing an Electrically Safe Work Condition, Annex Q was added for consideration of Human Performance and Workplace Electrical Safety, and many more. The 2018 Edition of NFPA 70E® was restructured which resulted in many paragraph reference changes – and subsequent safety requirement changes for organizations.



Most companies have had difficulty understanding, implementing and maintaining compliance with the 2015 changes to NFPA 70E and even more are unaware of the 2018 changes.

If your company is still struggling with NFPA 70E revisions, now is the time to address what may be a significant noncompliance situation and, even more important, may be placing your employees at risk.

  • Significant Changes for 2018 NFPA 70E standard to review:
    • Using Arc‑rated clothing
    • Compliance review of safety‑related work practice compliance
    • Electrical safety programs
    • Electrical lines and equipment
    • Electrically safe working conditions
    • Work permits for electrical work and knowing the key elements of the electrical work permit
    • Approach boundaries for shock protection
    • Safety‑related maintenance requirements
    • Correct Arc flash labeling
    • Protective clothing and other PPE
  • The relationship between NFPA 70E standards to OSHA regulations
  • Practical solutions that are cost‑effective for complying with each of the significant changes for 2018
  • Identify outside resources dedicated to help develop a comprehensive NFPA 70E compliance program